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The time has come to Get Xenical Pills Online if you want to prevent your body from absorbing part of the fat you eat.Xenical is prescribed to help with weight reduction or to lower the chance of regaining weight that has already been lost. This medication should be used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet that should only be used by adults.Orlistat is available in a prescription-strength version called Xenical. Orlistat under the brand name Alli is accessible without a prescription.

Medical Usage

To help individuals to lose weight, Xenical is used with a customized low-calorie, low-fat diet and exercise regimen. Xenical is a prescription medication for patients who are overweight and have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, or heart disease. Xenical is also used to assist patients to maintain their weight reduction once they have lost it. It belongs to the family of drugs known as lipase inhibitors. It works by blocking certain fat from being absorbed in the intestines when you eat certain meals. This fat that hasnt been absorbed is later on excreted.

The Precautions

Though the medication can help you shed weight, there are certain precautions that one must know you go to order Xenical Pills Online.

If you are intolerant to orlistat or have malabsorption syndrome, you shouldnt be using Xenical.

You should also not use this medication if you have any of the following conditions:


·         Issues with the gallbladder

·         If youre expecting a baby

·         If you are not overweight

·         Youve had a transplanted organ

·         Cyclosporine is something you use


Tell your doctor if youve ever had any of the following:

·         Stones in the kidneys 

·         Pancreatitis

·         An underactive thyroid

·         Illness of the liver

·         Kidney failure

Anyone below 12 must not take Xenical.

Side effects

Xenical pills can cause some side effects. The most common ones are:

·         Severe need for a bowel movement.

·         Squishy stools

·         Stools that are greasy or fatty

·         Control issues with bowel motions

·         In the rectum, there is pain or discomfort

·         Stomach ache

·         Erratic menstruation cycles

How to use it?

Once you Get Xenical Pills Online you can take the pill orally. Its generally taken thrice daily, with each fat-containing main meal. Take Xenical up to 1 hour before or after a meal. You may also skip a dosage if a meal is missing or does not include fat.


To buy Xenical Pills Online you may or may not require a prescription. The medication helps shed extra kilos.